St Peter's Parish New Kent Co VA.

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 With the new way of combining genealogy with DNA testing, it is beginning

 to look as if John Medlock Sr. of New Kent Co VA. and William Matlack of

 New Jersey are brothers who came to America from England and are the sons

 of George Matlack. This being the case, records indicate that John Medlock

 was christened on September 6th 1638,Cropwell Bishop, a small village in

 Nottinghamshire England. We do not know who John married first. We do know

 that his first wife was Anne and that she died in New Kent Co. Virginia on

 March 23 1699/1700, and that John married a 2nd time on April 27 1701.


 The History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Chapter 11, English Immigrants

 Continue to Arrive on the Delaware, 1679-1681 from the discovery of the

 Delaware to the present time, by W. W. H Davis, A.M., Democrat Book and

 Job Office Print, Doylestown, PA 1876 states:


 " The first settlers for West New Jersey arrived in the ship Griffith,

 of London, in 1675, after a long passage, and landed near Salem. Among

 the passengers were John Fenwick, his two daughters and several servants;

 Edward Champness, Edward Wade, Samuel Wade, John Smith and wife, Samuel

 Nicholas, Richard Guy, Richard Noble, who subsequently settled in this

 county; Richard Hancock, John Pledger, Hipolite Luperer, John Matlock,

 and others with their families"


 “The ship loaded at London from June 16, 1675 to July 20. On October 3

 (Gregorian calendar) it anchored near the mouth of Assamhocking River in

 Delaware Bay and then ascended the river (now called the Salem) landing

 on October 5, at the present site of the city of Salem on the south side

 of the river. This list is taken from Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. and Marion

 R. Balderston "Early Shipping to the Jersey Shore of the Delaware"

 reprinted in a compilation by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., Passengers and

 Ships Prior to 1684 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company,1970).”


  It is obvious that those aboard the Griffin were Quakers, We have no

 records indicating that John Medlock was a Quaker. If by chance this is

 the John Medlock, who we refer to as Senior, we do not know where he was

 from 1675 to 1689. We have no records indicating who John married nor how

 many children they may have had in those 14 years.


 What we do know is that the John Medlock that many of us believe we

 descend from, first appears in 1689 in New Kent County Virginia.


 John Medlock was in the list of those whose land had to be remarked every

 four years on the precinct list in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County,

 Virginia. The order was issued on February 28, 1689, and the procession

 (paying taxes on land), and remarking the boundaries were to take place in

 May and June. (pgs 19 and 21) (“Vestry Book and Register of St. Peters

 Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1684-1786”, Virginia

 State Library.) Note: Medlock was spelled Menlook.

 St. Peter's Parish, where Totopotomoy Creek was located at the time of

 John Medlock settling there, was formed in 1678 by division from Blisland

 parish. It encompassed the valley of the Pamunkey River and its tributaries.

 It was bounded on the north-east by the ridge between the Pamunkey and

 the Mattaponi rivers, and on the south-west by the ridge between the

 Pamunkey and Chickahominy rivers as shown in Figure 1. There was no 

 boundary established on the north-west side, the parish theoretically

 extending in that direction indefinitely, although practically speaking it

 extended only as far as to the farthest point of settlement. This was not

 far beyond the fork of the South Anna and North Anna Rivers.


 The parish contained more than one church building during the first years

 of its existence. The "Lower Church" was originally located several miles

 downstream from Matadequin Creek along the Pamunkey River and was used

 until 1703 when it was replaced by a new church that still stands today.

 This church was the site of the marriage of George Washington in 1759, and

 is the oldest parish church in the Diocese of Virginia (Gentry Family

 Gazette & Genealogy", published by Richard H. Gentry, McLean, VA, vol 8,

 p.3 (Sep 1991).


 Also in 1689 in the New Kent County Parish records a Thomas Matlocke was

 mentioned where he was having a son William baptized on Oct 10 1689,

 (Saint Peters Church of New Kent Co Parish Register, pg 21)


 Thomas could possibly be a brother to John, Or perhaps a son. We don’t

 know. It may be possible that Thomas was the husband of Hester Watson that

 so many have listed as John Matlock Jr's wife.


 Hester Watson was the daughter of William Watson. William Watson Last Will

 and Testament bearing the date April 15th 1689 “devised to the sd Hester

 Medlock and to her heirs forever” This Hester Watson became a widow, by or

 before December of 1733 she was remarried to Mark Anthony.


 1733 December 5 Mark Anthony of St. Pauls Par.,Hanover Co., planter, and

 Hester his wife to John Clayton of Williamsburg, James City Co., Esqr.;

 for twenty  shillings; 50 a on branches of Mattadequin Creek in St. Pauls

 Par., Hanover Co.; part of a tract granted to one William Watson late of

 James City Co., dec'd., by patent 8 Oct 1672 whereby sd. Watson by his Last

 Will and Testament bearing date 15 April 1689 devised to the sd. Hester by

 the name of Hester Medlock and to her heirs forever. Mark (x) Anthony

 Hester (x) Anthony Wit:  Thos. Prosser, Ben Walker, Jam. Power


 The land in which was patented on Oct 8 1672 was listed as: New Kent Co

 Pat Book 6 Pg 411 Oct 8 1672 William Watson 750 acres upon branches of

 Mattadequm Creek adjacent David Craford near Westover Path


 At this time, we have not traced Mark and Hester Anthony, and have no

 knowledge of what became of them. As for the William Matlocke, son of

 Thomas, we have no idea what became of him either. There were no other

 mentions in the New Kent County Registers of either one of them.


 Moving on with John Medlock, and viewing what the "Saint Peters Church of

 New Kent County Parish Register" indicates to us, is John Medlock’s wife

 Anne died March 23 1699/1700 (pg 64) and that on April 27 1701 A John

 Medlock married, and unfortunately where his new brides name would have

 been, it was blank (pg 48).


 Senior nor Junior followed the name John, so it’s not certain really which

 John married in 1701. Many researchers have determined that it was John SR

 and that John fathered a son with his new bride, who was named William.

 William was baptized July 19 1702. (pg24).


 Mentioning of the Medlocks and Madox:


 Saint Peters Church of New Kent Co Parish Register


 Anne wife of Jno medlock dyed the 23 march 1699/1700.

 Jno medlock and          married the 27 April 1701.

 George Son of John medlock Ju& baptiz ye. 8 June 1701.

   William Son of Jno medlock baptiz the 19 July 1702.

 Thomas Son of Jno medlock Ju& born 21 Nov 1703



 Sarah Daugh of John Madox baptis. ye 27 Sept, 1702.

 Robt _____ Maddox bapt. 24 Febry, 1704-5

 Susanna Daughter of Jno Maddox bapt. 19th, 1707

 William son of John Maddox Born January 11, 1719

  John Madox Departed this Life 6, 1718.

 Margaret Madox Departed this Life Decembr ye 31st,1718.


 We have not been able to find any records to what happened to John Medlock

 or his wife. John had either died by 1704 when the Quit Rent Rolls came

 out or he had left the area. With the Saint Peters Parish records so well

 recorded, I  doubt that John or his 2nd wife had died there. 


 Virginia Quit Rent Rolls New Kent County Rent Roll

 “Virginia Magazine & History & Biography Vol. 31”

 Page 215-217


 Rent Roll of the Lands held of her Majste in the Parish of St. Peters &

 St. Pauls


 John MEDLOCK  350 Acres

 John MADOX    300 Acres


 There are researchers of the past who believed John had left Virginia, and

 that he may have been the John who shows up in Bath and Beaufort County

 North Carolina as early as 1728. That John died Oct 12 1732 and left

 a will.


 North Carolina Wills A Testator Index 1665-1900 Thornton W Mitchell Pg 243

 John Mattocke Died 0ct 12 1732 Will dated  Sept 4 1733 Daughters Ann and

 Elizabeth, Wife Mary. Wit Ben Wheatley and William Owen


 What the records have left us with, is the possibility that John Medlock

 Sr. had two sons, one was John Medlock Jr. and the other was William.

 Those are the two men that we will be following. Hopefully someday

 pieces to the unanswered questions will be discovered. 



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