With Love and affection, I want to credit and give special thanks to "Dubie" Olema Hudspeth for all the help she has given us on this line as well as on the Dunhams and other families that connect to the Hudspeth's... It is through her that we have learned a lot .Most all that is here , has come from her. Therefore Dubie, we dedicate these pages to you....

It is our regret having to say that we lost Olema on

April 19th 2005

May she rest in Peace



I also want to thank Betty Ravenholt for the help on John Hudspeth which is her line of Hudspeths, as well as the many hours of work on the other Hudspeths that Betty has helped on. Sue Stevenson for the work on Thomas Hudspeth and his son John B Hudspeth, Jim Hudspeth for the  work of George M Hudspeth and his son James B.Hudspeth ,Ed Hudspeth for the work on Paul also a son of George M Hudspeth and Stan Brown for the work on Elizabeth Hudspeth Brown.This web site would not be what it is without the help of these Hudspeth family members.






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Composed and Performed by YUKO OHIGASHI.  Visit her fabulous site by clicking on her name.  The song is entitled, To Beautiful.