Giles Hudspeth married Elizabeth Bradford. Elizabeth was the daughter of Phillip and

Mary Bradford. Giles Hudspeth Will probated in 1797 Surry Co NC. Elizabeth wrote her

will Nov 15 1802 and was probated in Feb 1803 Surry Co NC.

North Carolina Wills by Olds page 327 Granville Co. unregistered wills:

Phillip Bradford, Mary wife, Thomas, Philemon, John, David, Richard, daughters

Elizabeth Hudspeth and Mary White

1744 July 17 John Davis of Goochland to Ralph Hudspeth of Henrico County for 10

pound, a certain tract in Goochland containing 100 acres, and bounded by the land

of William Ealam, Capt. William Randolph, Henry Breazeal and said Davis. John

Davis signs with an X. Recorded July 17, 1744.Wits: Giles Hudspeth his mark, Robert

Davis his mark, William Arthur ( Goochland Co. Deed Book 4 page 358)

1755 Granville Tax Records
Giles Hedgpeth, 1-0-1

1770 Dec 18th Henry Matlock. Inquisition "taken at of near the South side of Fishing

Creek" in Granville County Dec 18 1770 on said Henry Matlock. Jurors: Robert Allison,

Carter Hudspeth, John Hampton, Malachia Reeves, Joseph Langston, James Willis,

Nickless Matlock, Giles Hudsepth, John Tuder, Michael Wilson, John Stainbock,

William Wilson, John White, Before Samuel Henderson " Coroner" Verdict: That said

Henry Matlock appear'd to have shot him self by accident and that no Person nor

persons did kill him, and that he did not lay violent Hands on himself " Ret to Jany

Ct 1771 Id. P 173. (History and Genealogies of Old Granville Co NC 1746-1800 pg 103)


1772 May 19  John Wallace, 14 years old, orphan of Robert Wallace dec’d, bound to

Giles Hudspeth.  Learning to become a carpenter.

14 May 1776 John HUDSPETH to Ralph HUDSPETH, Sern. 50 pds 250 ac E side Yadkin

River, head Reed Ck; part Granville Gr to John HOWARD; from Howard to Elijah

SKIDMORE; from Skidmore to HUDSPETH. S/John HUDSPETH. Witnesses Giles X HUDSPETH

& Richard X Blalock. (Granville County Deed Book L Pg 89)


1777 Aug 20 Giles Hudspeth of Surry Co NC to Abel Tatom of Granville C NC 20 August

1777 for 150 pounds proclamation money of North Carolina, one certain tract divided

and parcel of land lying and being the North side of Tar River in the county

above mentioned, containing by estimation of 300 acres more or less; Begining at

Aquila Snellings's line at a Pine, running West 240 pole to a White Oak, thence

South 200 pole to a Pine, then East by a course of marked trees to a beech, 240 poles

then to Snelling's line, 200 poles to the first station, taking in the plantation

whereon Rody Brumit now liveth,the same being part of a tract of land purchased by

the s Gibbe Chavis of John Metesock. Jiles (X) Hudspeth. Wit: Ralph Hudspeth, Jurat;

John (4) Hudspeth Jurat. Granville County Nov Court 1777. Proved by the Oath of Ralph

Hudspeth and John Hudspeth. Reuben Searcy CC. (Granville County Deed Book L Pg 89



1777 Aug 21 Giles Hudspeth of Surry Co NC to his son John Hudspeth of Granville Co,

NC 21 August 1777, for 75 pounds currant money of North Carolina, one certain tract

dividend or parcel of land lying and being in the said county of Granville on the

South side of Fishing Creek, by estimation 200 acres more or less; by the Spring

Branch which divides it from the land of William Douglass, formerly a part of the

same tract, and on all other parts markt trees, the Creek and soon as mentioned in

the original deed. Giles (X) Hudspeth, Wit: Isiah Cox, Ralph Hudspeth, Jurat.

Granville County November Court 1777. Proved by the Oath of Ralph Hudspeth. Reuben

Searcy CC. (433-(181)


Slaves and Slaveowners of Stokes County, North Carolina
NED 4 years old in 1790. Sold from Giles HUDSPETH (Surry County, NC) to Thompson

GLEN (Stokes County, NC)

SAMPSON 19 months old in 1790. Sold from Giles Hudspeth (Surry County, NC) to

Thompson Glen (Stokes County, NC)

1796 Sept 11 Giles Hudspeth wife Elizabeth, son Ralph to have 30 pound N.C. money.

Sons John and Charles to have 10 shillings. Children of Benjamin dec'd (Giles,

Sally, Morgan and Thompson) Daughters Martha Glenn, Hannah Holeman, Elizabeth Coe

to get negroes Willis, Harry and Bob, Mary Hudspeth, Jemima Coe to get negroes Dick,

Duck and Nanny, Exors: sons John and Charles and Isiah Coe. Recorded Feb. court 1797

Wits: George Head, Willis Joiner and John Stewart (Surry Co. N.C. will book 3 page 25)

1797 Page 293 North Carolina wills by Olds Surry Co.
Giles Hudspeth probate date 1797, Elizabeth wife
Children: Rachel, John, Charles, Martha, Hannah, and Mary

1802 Nov 15-Feb 1803 Will Book 3 by Jo White Linn
Elizabeth wrote will Nov.15, 1802 probated Feb.court 1803
Grandson Giles Hudspeth. sons Charles and John, Dau. Elizabeth Coe, dau. Hannah

Holeman, dau. Mary Ann Webb, dau. Jemima Coe, dau. Patty Glenn. Exors: son John,

son in law Isaiah Coe Wits: Mills Joyner, Peter Mock, William Hudspeth proved by wits.


1 WILLIAM HUDSPETH    William died 1778 Surry Co NC.

  Will of William Hudspeth March 4, 1778 father Giles Hudspeth, who is executor, 2

  younger brothers Benjamin and Charles Hudspeth. Recorded May Court 1778.(Page 21

  of Jo Linn White's wills of Surry Co. North Carolina. (Book 1 page 103 A.)





  1777 Aug 21 Giles Hudspeth of Surry Co. deeds to son John of Granville County NC.

  (Granville Co NC Deeds Deed Book L)


4 CHARLES HUDSPETH......................

5 BENJAMIN HUDSPETH.....................


6 MARTHA PATSY HUDSPETH born NC. Martha married Thompson Glenn.

Slaves and Slaveowners of Stokes County, North Carolina
NED 4 years old in 1790. Sold from Giles HUDSPETH (Surry County, NC) to Thompson

GLEN (Stokes County, NC) SAMPSON 19 months old in 1790. Sold from Giles Hudspeth

(Surry County, NC) to Thompson Glen (Stokes County, NC) SIMON 1792, sold from

estate of James Glen by John Lynch to Thompson Glen

1800 THOMPSON GLEN Surry Co NC 211110-300011

Thompson Glenn page 41 of Anna's works Wilson Co. Tenn. Wills of 1819-1823
Thompson Glenn wife Patsy Clarissa Glenn
Son Benjamin
Son Giles
Son Thompson
Son John
Son William
Daughter Julianna
Daughter Jemima
Daughter Martha Clarissa
Daughter Elizabeth Sweat
Daughter Hannah Holman

7 HANNAH HUDSPETH born NC. Hannah married Absalom Holeman Jan 27 1794 Surry Co NC.


"Isaac Holeman will--Rowan Co., NC, Book G, p. 93; written 15 Aug 1807, probated 3

May 1808. He was married to Mary Benton in 1746 in Wilkes, Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

Children were: Daniel Holman, Elizabeth Holman, William Holman, Isaac Holman, Reuben

Holman, James Holman, Patience Holman, Thomas Holman, John Holman, ABSALOM HOLMAN,

Mary Holman, Jacob Holman, David Holman."


Overton County: Vol. A: Date 1806-1809 Overton Roll#33: Register of Deeds: Vol.: A-C 

Sep 1801-1813 Tennessee State Library & Archives

266 Holeman Absalom Overton indenture
268 Holeman Absalom Overton indenture

1820 HOLEMAM ABSALOM Overton Co TN 208 000101-00101

1830 HOLEMAN ABSALOM Overton Co TN  200 100000001-00000001

1840 HOLEMAN ABSALOM SR Overton Co TN 45 0010000001-0100000001


 1 Absalom Holeman born 1800 NC. Absalom married Martha.

 2 Hudspeth Holeman born TN.

 3 Nancy Holeman born 1804 TN. Nancy married 1st Thomas Black, 2nd Thomas J Neeley


   The Thomas Black family lived in Overton County, Tennessee; as in substantiated

   by the 1840 census. They had been in Monroe County, Kentucky at the time that

   the 1830 census was taken. The children of Thomas and Nancy Black were Jeremiah,

   William, John Holliman, Martha and Catherine.  In 1840 both Nancy and Thomas were

   between thirty and forty years of age.


   Thomas Black was born in VA; while his wife, Nancy Holeman was born in Overton

   County, Tennessee in 1804. Thomas was a son of Joseph and Jemimia Black; who

   lived in Green County, KY; before part of it became Cumberland County in 1799.

   Nancy Holeman was the daughter of Absolem and Hannah Hudspeath Holeman; who had

   come to Overton County from Surry County, North Carolina after their marriage on

   27 January 1794. Absolem was born in Rowan County, NC in 1769; and his parents

   were Isaac and Mary Benton Holeman.  Overton County records show that Absolem

   and Hannah Holeman owned much land in Overton County located around Holeman branch

   near the Cumberland River.


   Thomas Black was a witness on several occasions for Absolem Holeman in land and

   other transactions before 1845.  No mention after that date could be found about

   him as there did not seem to be a will.


   Nancy with the help of her brother Absolem B. Holeman; signed a prenuptial

   agreement stating that her land would go to her children. This agreement was signed

   on the 11th of May in 1849; and she had apparently married Thomas J. Neeley by the

   time that the 1850 census was taken. They were listed as husband and wife in it. 

   Nancy was 46 with Martha Black, 18; Holliman, 16; Catherine, 14; and John was 12.


   Later on Nancy deeded her land to each of the above children also including William

   and Jeremiah. At the time of the deeds, Martha was married to William Joseph Nevans

   and Catherine was married to John Bayless Hestand. Catherine's first husband was

   William Tyre Arterberry of Monroe County, KY.  They were married on August 25,1856;

   and lived on a farm near his parents, Thompson and Elizabeth Johns Arterberry. 

   Catherine and William Tyre Atterberry had two children, Martha Elizabeth and

   Thompson. William Tyre Arterberry went to the Civil War and died in an army hospital

   in Nashville on July 26, 1863.


   Catherine Black Arterberry Hestand went to Texas with her second husband, John

   Bayless Hestand and their four children, Julia, Hardy, Lovella and Bedford. They

   followed the Oklahoma land rush, 1889 living in Canadian County for more than a

   decade. Catherine died in Oklahoma City where she lived with Bedford after her

   husband’s death.  They were buried in Chickasha Cemetery, Grady County.


   Nancy Neeley according to records was divorced from Thomas Neeley, but they were

   listed together in the same household in 1860 and 1870 census records for Overton

   County in District 4. Boundaries had no doubt changed because they were still

   listed in the same household in District 6 in Clay County in 1880.  Nancy’s age

   was given as 76.  J. H. Black, 41 and his wife Luanna, 42; and children Martha T.,

   13; Mary C., 11; Nancy B., 4 were living in the next household.  No will has been

   found for Nancy; presumably because her land had been deeded to her children at an

   earlier date. By Wanda W. Walters


 4 Anna Holeman married Robert Nevins Sr.


 5 Mary Holeman married William Robert Holeman.



   My great-great-great grandparents, Abednego and Millicent Waters Downing were

   married in Charles County, Trinity Parish, MD 30 Jun 1776. Typical of the pioneer

   of that era, they moved many times. In 1801 they were in Jackson County, GA. 

   Sometime around 1800 their daughter, Lydia, married John Symour Parrish of Brunswick

   County, VA. After Jul 1810 both families were in Wayne County ,KY…then on to Jackson

   County, TN in 1815.  In the 1820’s they once again moved to Overton County. In 1827

   John Parrish purchased 200 acres “on the waters of the Obed River’” from William

   Barksdale for fifty dollars.


   John and Lydia Parrish were the parents of at least eleven children and most of them

   grew up in Overton County. John was a farmer and school teacher during his years in

   TN. His father-in-law, Abednego Downing, died in 1833 and John died 14 July 1848. 

   They were both probably buried in the area of Dale Hollow Lake.  Their names are not

   on the list of graves moved by TVA, so, no location is known. Millicent Downing made

   her home with her daughter, Lydia, until 1853.


   Start in 1829, five of the sons of John and Lydia Parish moved on to Edgar County,

   IL. The two elderly widows stayed in Overton County until sometime between 1850 and

   1853.It was during these years that Millicent, Lydia and son, Isaac Newton Parrish,

   also came to Edgar County, IL. Isaac Newton Parrish died 19 Nov 1857 and was buried

   in Fairview Cemetery, Coles County, IL. (Issac was spelled this way). The 97 year

   old Millicent Downing died Feb 1853 and Lydia Parrish died 14 Oct 1857.  Both were

   buried side-by-side in the Sims Cemetery, Edgar County, IL.


   Beside them rests another native of Overton County, Hannah Holman Parrish, my great

   grandmother.  She was the daughter of Robert Holman and Mary Elizabeth Holman. 

   William Robert was the son of James and Lucy Cook Holman and Mary Elizabeth was the

   daughter of Absalom and Hannah Hudspeath Holman.  James and Lucy Holman did not live

   in Overton County, But, they may be buried there. In 1839 they visited their son

   there, William Robert, on their way to Kentucky.  Family story has that as they

   neared the Kentucky border, they both became ill and died. No record has been found

   as to where they were buried.


   Absalom and Hannah Hudspeath Holman were in Overton County (from NC) as early as

   1810. They reared their children in Overton and both died there in the 1840’s. 

   William Robert and Mary Elizabeth Holman’s eleven children grew up in Overton County.

   Mary Elizabeth died in 1840 after the birth of her son Martin Van Buren Holman. 

   All of these ancestors seem to have lived in the Dale Hollow Lake area.


   My great grandmother, Hannah Holman, was born 23 March 1818.  She married William C.

   Parrish, son of John and Lydia Parish. He was born in Jackson County, TN, 24 Aug

   1816. Their exact marriage date is not known, but it was around 1846. My grandfather,

   John Randolph Parrish, was born in Overton County 8 Jan 1848.  His sister, Sarah E.,

   was born 10 Apr 1849.


   Once again new frontiers called and William and Hannah followed other family members

   to Edgar County, IL. There, two more children were born: William Lee, 12 Oct 1850

   and Rebecca Jane, 8 Jan 1852.  Hannah Holman Parrish died 18 Jan 1852. The cause of

   her death is not known, but, very possibly, childbirth – a common cause at that time.


   William C. Parrish married Christina Roll 17 Jul 1853. They had seven children, all

   born in Edgar Count, IL.  In 1874 this family moved to Dade County, MO.  William C.

   died there 18 Mar 1879.


   By the time the Parrish family moved to MO most of William Robert and Mary Elizabeth

   Holman’s children were in Polk and Dade County, MO and a few were scattered in other

   MO counties. One son, Robert Holman, stayed in Overton County.


   In MO, the Parrishs and Holmans once again married.  Hannah Holman Parrish’s niece,

   Minerva Holman, and nephew, Lafayette Holman, married Hannah and George Parrish,

   children of William C. Parrish and his second wife.


   Today these families are scattered all across the country, but the Tennessee roots

   are still evident.  The village of Nevina, Illinois and home of the Parrish

   settlement, was named after Robert Nevins, another Overton County son. It is apparent

   these ancestors remember their Tennessee roots. By.. Rose Marie Overstreet


8 ELIZABETH HUDSPETH born NC. Elizabeth married John Coe

John Coe's Will Book 3 page 70 of Jo Linn White
John Coe mentions wife Elizabeth, written May 8, 1805 to have land on Beaverdam Creek

adj. David Joyner's. Son William Coe. Son John Coe to have a negro named Bob. Son

Isiah Coe. Son in law William Sweat. David Joyner's son John, 4 daus. Nancy Joyner,

Phebey Coe, Jemima Coe, Sally Coe. Dau. Caty Joyner. Thomas Harding to enherit,

( no relationship mentioned).
Executors: John Stewart, Joshua Joyner, John Coe ( son of Isiah)
Wits: John Stewart, John Speer, Jo. Joyner Proved Feb.Court.1806

Page 21 of Leona's said their is a deed in Surry Co. N.C. where power of attorney given

to John Coe by William Coe, Isaih Coe, Wm. Sweat, and Joshua Joyner heirs of the John



Elizabeth Coe bought 160 acres on Spring Creek in Wilson Co. Tenn. Jan.18, 1814 She

bought this land from James Davis of White Co. Tenn, Gideon Pillow of Giles Co. Tenn.,

& William Pillow of Maury Co. Tenn. the land was next to Abner Pillow.

Deed Book S Wilson Co TN

"Where in Joyner sold to Frakes Anderson, he states he inherited this 60 acres from his

grandmother Elizabeth Coe Deed dated Feb.2, 1840"


 1 Catherine Coe born 1777 NC. Catherine married David Joyner

 2 Miss Coe born NC. Miss married Thomas Harding

 3 William Coe born 1784 NC. William married Evalina May 16 1818 Wilson Co TN.

 4 Isaiah Coe born 1786 NC. Isaiah married Patsey P Rather Aug 1 1811 Wilson Co TN.

 5 Nancy Coe born NC. Nancy married Joshua Joyner

 6 John Coe born 1790 NC. John married Martha.

 7 Martha Coe born 1791 NC. Martha married William Sweat.

      " MARTHA SWEATT Will.  24 October 1844.  Heirs: son Edward Sweatt; daughters

    Rachel Spradley, Sally Liles, Nancy Bartlett, Martha Harrison, and Jemima Hancock. 

    At the death of Nancy Bartlett, then to Nancy's daughter Martha Ann Bartlett. 

    Other heirs: granddaughters Emily Lash, Sarah Jane Lash, and Martha Spradley. 

    William Harrison, husband of Martha Harrison, is to have no part of my estate. 

    Witnesses: J.C. Lash and G. W. Lash.  Edward Sweatt, executor.  (P. 151)"


 8 Jemima Coe born 1793 NC. Jemima married Harmon Lash Dec 19 1808 Surry Co NC,


          My Hudspeth Ancestry by Leona Madsen [Wilson Co, TN, Court Minute Book, 1833-

    1836]"Page 108, 25 June 1834

    " Elizabeth Coe departed this life, and a certain writing purporting to be her last

    will and testament has been offered for probate.  It appears to the court an

    administrator should be appointed.  John C. Lash was appointed and took out bond."

    Aug 9th 1834 Ann Barton, Margaret Wilson and John B. Barton to John C. Lash for 174

    acres on Round Lick Creek for the use of Jemima Lash, wife of Harmon Lash, during

    her  lifetime. [DB Q, 8-9-1834, p. 77f]


 9 Phoebe Coe born 1795 NC. Phoebe married Giles H Glen Nov 7 1818 Wilson Co TN.


10 Sarah Coe born 1795 NC.


9 MARY ANN HUDSPETH born NC.  Mary married Caleb Webb Jan. 11, 1797 in Surry Co. N.C.

Absolom Holiman was surety for the marriage. Source Surry Co Marriages.

1790 WEBB CALEB Iredell Co NC 157  2-3-4

1800 WEBB CALEB Iredell Co NC 666 02201-1301

Will Book 1 page 267 Iredell Co. N.C. by Lois Schneider Caleb Webb
Will was written Jan.22, 1804 and probated Feb.1804

"Wife Mary Ann plantation on S. Yadkin for 15 years then to Caleb and Andrew &

negroes Jane, George, and Green then to 3 sons: Caleb, Andrew and John the oldest.

Sons Hudspeth, Giles and Daniel divide 200 acres on Swisher's Creek in Surry Co.

Daughters Bestsy the eldest a negro called Dice, daughter Ann a negro called Pott,

daughter Sarah the youngest to have negro Hannah, daughter Martha Tennison to have

first child of Dice the negro. Exec. wife and son Caleb".

1810 WEBB MARY Iredell Co NC 242 22000-00101


10 JEMIMA HUDSPETH born 1761 NC. Jemima married Isaiah Coe. Isaiah died 1836 Surry

Co NC.


From Surry County, North Carolina, Wills, 1771-1827, Annotated Genealogical Abstracts,

by Jo White Linn, 1992, page 82:

"2:133.  17 May 1788.  Robert Smith to Isaac[sic] Coe for L80 negro boy Will, aged

eight.  Wit: Lawrence Holcombe, John Coe.  Rec. Aug. Ct. 1788.  [Note: The 1787

Surry Co. tax list of Capt. Mosby shows Isaac Coe with 1,000 A, 1 wp, 1 bp.]"


Surry County, North Carolina, Court Minutes, Volumes I & II, 1768-1789, by Mrs. W.O.

Absher, 1985, Pages 142-143, Vol. II12 August 1788 "Daniel Houstin vs John Kimbrough. 

Jury: ... Isaiah Coe


Surry County, North Carolina, Court Minutes, Volumes I & II, 1768-1789, by Mrs. W.O.

Absher, 1985, Page 166, Vol. II11 November 1789"Elisha Simmons vs John Glen; nonsuit;

Jury: ... Airs Hudspeth, ... and Isaiah Coe


Benjamin Hudspeth left will Aug. 3rd 1792 mentions wife Milley to have 1/3 of land he

gave his father and a negro wench named Hester. 3 sons, Morgan, Giles and Johnson a

daughter named Sarah. Exor: brother John Hudspeth and Isaac Coe. Probated Nov. Court

1792 Page 21 of Jo Linn White's wills of Surry Co. North Carolina.


Surry County, North Carolina, Deeds, Books D, E, and F, 1779-1797, by Mrs. W.O. Absher,

1985, Page 94, Deed Book F "Page 120.  18 November 1793.  Charles Hudspeth to Isaiah

Coe, 410 pounds, 280 acres West side Yadkin River, North side Josephs Creek where

Charles 'do now live', part 558 acres Granville granted Robert Forbis adjoining John

Joyner and Edmond Wood.  Witnesses: George Head and Pat Hudspeth.  Signed: Charles



Surry County, North Carolina, Wills, 1771-1827, Annotated Genealogical Abstracts, by

Jo White Linn, Genealogical Publishing Co., Page 115, "3:56a.  Will of Elizabeth Hudspeth,

15 Nov. 1802....  Exrs: son John and son-in-law Isaiah Coe....  Rec. Feb. Ct. 1803."

1820 census for Surry County, North Carolina, Capt. John Poindexter's Dist., page 704,

Isaiah Coe household includes:2 males under 101  male 16-261 male 45+2 females under

101 female 10-161 female 16-261 female 45+5 males slaves under 141 male slave 14-261

male slave 26-452 female slaves under 141 female slave 14-261 female slave 26-451

female slave 45+6 persons working in agriculture.


ISAIAH CO Will Written Feb 5th 1836

From Through the Years with the Hudspeths, Vol. 5, by Anna Ford, page 172:

My Hudspeth Ancestry by Leona Madsen [Surry Co, NC, Will Book]

"Will of Isiah Coe, P. 168  Will Bk. 2   Nov. 1836.

"Wife Gemoma tract of land where I now live 700 acres much stock. Son Timothy, lands

joining the home lands.  G.Dau. Catherine Scott 166 a., negroes & stock. Dau. Mary

Webb (widow) 130 acres and negro man.  Dau. Clary Hudspeth, wife of David Hudspeth. 

Dau. Nancy Burris. Dau. Elizabeth Sater, wife of Henry Sater.  Dau. Gemima Stinson,

wife of Aaron Stenson.  Son, John Coe.  Remainder to be divided between Jackson Coe,

Jemima Coe, Lucinda Coe, Catherine Coe, and William Coe, heirs of my deceased son,

Charles Coe, $200 each.  Lucinda Kirkpatrick wife of Thornton Kirkpatrick, who was

dau. of my deceased son Giles H. Coe, $200.  Executors: John Webb and James B. Lovell,

gr. sons.  They were to be counselled by friend Samuel Speer.  Proved Nov. term 1836. 

Witnesses: Samuel Speers, John Joyner, David Joyner."

I give unto my beloved wife Jemima--some land and slaves
Granddaughter Catherine Scott
Daughter Mary Webb a widow
Daughter Clary Hudspeth wife of David Hudspeth
Daughter Nancy Burris a widow
Daughter Elizabeth Sater wife of Henry Sater
Daughter Jemima wife of Aaron Stintson
Son John Coe
Son Timothy
Son Charles' dec'd his children: Jackson, Jemima, Lucinda, Catherine, and Wm. Coe
Grandchild: Lucinda Kirkpatrick wife of Thornton Kirkpatrick the dau of Giles H.

Coe dec'd Appoints his two grandsons John Webb and James B. Lovell executors
Will written Feb.5, 1836 Proved Nov. term 1836

1810 COE ISAIAH Surry Co NC      01201-22001
1820 COE ISAIAH Surry Co NC 704  200101-21101
1830 COE ISAIAH Surry Co NC 227  011001001-0020010001
1840 COE JEMIMA Surry Co NC      000000010-0000100001

1850 COE JEMIMA Surry Co NC 234
Jemima Coe 89 F          NC

Bulletin of the Maryland Genealogical Society Vol. 33 No 3 Summer of 1992  Pg 601 

Jemima Hudspeth daughter of Giles Hudspeth and Elizabeth Bradford mothered 10

children, sixth which was Elizabeth who became the wife of Henry Sater. Henry

Sater the son of John Sater died March 14, 1854 in Dade Co MO. After following

her brother John Coe to Cumberland Co KY where he was Sheriff, Chief Magistrate

and owned a 6,000 acre plantation, they settled in Monroe Co KY (formed from

Cumberland in 1820). There on April 25 1840 Henry and Elizabeth Coe Sater sold

to Isaiah Slater of Surry Co NC a Negro man named Jeff which was left us by our

father Isaiah Coe Dec’d to be ours at the death of our mother Jemima Coe. On August

5 1840 they gave John Webb Executor of Isaiah Coe power of attorney for interests

they held in Surry Co NC witnessed by William Hudspeth Children: Isaiah born 1814,

Polly born 1816, Henry born 1819, Giles born 1821, Nancy born 1823, Charles born

1826, Benjamin born 1829, William born 1829 and Sophia born 1834




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