The Hedge family that is being researched here is believed to be from a John Hedge

who along with John Baker made their way from Georgia to Middle Tennessee and the

Dickson County Tennessee area. On these web pages Isaac and William Hedge who are

found together in Dickson County Tennessee in 1830 are being portrayed as  brothers.

Although at this time, there is no proof to the fact that they are indeed brothers,

it does appear that they are definitely related. Perhaps someday the proof will come

along and if and when it does, if there are any changes to be made, it will be done.

Isaac Hedge according to the 1850 Census was born abt 1790 GA, William claimed that

in he was born 1791 in MS. The John Hedge/Hodge who is being looked at as their father

and who later, appears to have been traveling with John A Baker who later became

William's father-in-law is being researched. Not a lot of information on this John has

been found at this time, but the one that is being looked at is as follows:


On the Reconstructed 1790 Elbert County Georgia (Land Warrants 1785-1795)  page 83

a John Hodge was listed.

Page 87 it shows under Officers Elbert County Militia June 21 1791 a John Hodge.

Note also that William Hedge's future father-in-law John A Baker was also of Elbert

County Georgia:


John A. Baker lived in Elbert Co. GA from 1790 until 1795 when he sold his land and

moved to Franklin Co. GA. There he was an Ensign in the militia commanded by Col.

Larkin Cleveland, and with Col. Niel Cleveland represented Franklin County at the

Constitutional Assembly where Georgia ratified the constitution.  Franklin County

Georgia, tax Lists shows John Baker  from 1800-1808 while acquiring land in Dickson

County Tennessee in 1805. John Hodge is listed on these tax lists in Franklin County

Georgia up too 1819.


1805 HODGE JOHN Franklin County GA 003 Tax List 1805 Tax List


1805 HODGE ISAAC Franklin County GA 013 Tax List 1805 Tax List


Note: In 1805 on the Tax list was an Isaac Hodge. Father or brother of John perhaps?

In 1820 Dickson Co TN in what is thought to be the home of John were two men listed

ages 45 and up. Could if of been this Isaac?


1806 HODGE JOHN Franklin County GA 030 Tax List 1806 Tax List

1808 HEDGE JOHN Franklin County GA 046 Tax List

1808 HODGE -----* Franklin County GA 048 Tax List 1808 Tax List GA 1792-1819 Tax

1818 HODGE JOHN Franklin County GA 067 Tax List 1818 Tax

1819 HODGE JOHN Franklin County GA 144 Tax List 1819 Tax List


It is believed that by 1820 the above John is the one found in Dickson County TN as:


1820 HODGES JOHN Dickson Co. TN 18  100002-10111 (2 Males 45 and up)



1820 HIDGE WILLIAM Dickson Co TN 26 100010-20010

A John Baker is listed on page 18 as well. John Baker left a will dated May 3 1820

in which he named his daughter "3rd - I give to my Daughter, Polly Hedges, five

dollars to her and (her) heirs forever."


1820 HEDGE ISAAC Perry Co TN 271 200010-30010


With what little information that has been gathered on the "early" days begins the

research that we have put together on who maybe brothers, Isaac and William Hedge/Hodge.

If there is anyone that has information putting these people together or not please

contact one of us:





ISAAC HEDGE born abt 1790 GA.........................................

WILLIAM HEDGE born abt 1791 MS/GA?...................................

MARY HEDGE born 1790-1800............................................

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