DUNHAMS of Kentucky and Beyond

This is the ancestry of Dennis Dunham of Kentucky. Mind you, he wasn't born in Kentucky, but

spent the majority of his life in the Warren County area. If it wasn't for the help of Alice

Ramsey and Olema Hudspeth I would not know as much as I do about this family and we sincerely

hope you find what your looking for among these pages. Please feel free to Contact us, we'd

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Dennis Dunham was born about 1750. According to a letter dated 1895 from a J. E Morris

(Ajramsay@aol.com sent the letter.) indicates that Dennis Dunham was born Jan 16th 1751

and that he married Dolly Phillips, Dorothy/Dollie Phillips who was born May 27th 1747.

Published genealogies start with this Dennis,born about 1750 in NJ, with brothers James

and Timothy. No further information on James, but Timothy lived near Dennis in Warren Co,

KY at the turn of the 19th century.

According to Hal Ledbetter from his book "The Dunham's From Warren County Kentucky" dated Dec

15 1991 pg 1 and I Quote

" I am trying to trace the line back to New Jersey from Kentucky. I believe that they came up

the Shenandoah Valley and through the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky in the 1780/1790 time. According

to The Wilderness Road to Kentucky by William A Pusey, by the spring of 1784 there were only 20,000

people in Kentucky. During 1784 30,000 Migrated to Kentucky by the Wilderness Road from Virginia

and North Carolina. The 1790 Census of Kentucky listed over 75,000 people living in Kentucky."

Taking into account that Jonathan is thought to have born in Virginia could very well be considering

the time frame of the traveling that took place from Virginia to North Carolina. The next child Effie

is listed as to being born in Kentucky in 1782.

It is uncertain if Dennis was actually born in NJ or MD but according to Gratia Dunham Mahony at

krmgdm@mediaone.net " I have circumstantial evidence that there was a Dennis Dunham/Donham? born

say 1738-9 in Woodbridge NJ. There MAY have been a son named Dennis, born to Mary Dunham of

Woodbridge, widow. She was named Adm'r. of the will of her father Jonathan Dennis, dated 2 Feb.


1775 MARYLAND MILITIA IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR. The book is done by Clements and Wright and it is

on page 172 the last paragraph.

Dennis Dunham served in the Revolutionary war under Capt. Greenberry Dorsey and Dennis served as a

private from Hartford County, Maryland. 1775

Maryland records show Dennis Dunham served in Maryland as a private. Hartford History printed in

1901 which the SAR has, it gives the following: Dunham (Donham) Dennis served as a private from

Hartford County as a private in Capt. Anderson's Co.#3 Sept.23, 1775. Signer of "Association of

Freemen" in 1776 Susquehanna Hundred.

From 1775 until 1791 A Sixteen year span, I have no idea where Dennis was. It is possible but I've

never seen proof that Dennis may have gone to VA. Some believe that Jonathan might have been born

in VA around 1781, but yet he said himself that he was born in GA. Effie born abt 1782 said she was

born in PA.

1788 Cumberland Township Tax List, Washington County Pa, a Dimas Dunham is listed. Could this of

been a Dennis instead of Dimas? By 1791 we feel certain the Dennis Dunham who was on a Bourbon Co

KY Tax list is the Dennis who later is in Clark Co KY. Clark Co KY was created in 1792 from Bourbon




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