William Downing born 17 Nov 1665 in Middlesex Co.; married Mary Nichols


He resided in Northumberland Co., VA and was prominent in affairs of

Church and State, and was a Vestryman


William Downing married Mary as she is mentioned as his relict in the Court

records June 1683. His place of residence is shown in a record of June 7th

1679 when the Court ordered that a part of the provisions due from Fairfield

Parish for the Potomac Fort be delivered at the house of William Downing JR

The Quit Rents of Virginia, 1704


Downing George 1704 Northumberland Co 70

Downing Thomas 1704 " " 646 acres Grant 3 pg 85

Downing Capt. William 1692/1703 Stafford Co 770-200

Downing William 1694 Stafford Co 228


Thomas Downing Sept 1719 Northumberland Co VA 650 acres Grant 5 pg 227


John Downing May 1711 Northumberland Co VA 684 acres Grant 4 pg 34..

This land was near the plantation of a Samuel Downing.


George Downing Aug 1704 Northumberland Co VA 70 acres Grant 3 pg 37

This land was near a road leading to Thomas Downing.




1 Elizabeth Downing born Dec 30 1670 ( St Stephens Parish Records. Elizabeth married

William Smith


2 Ann Downing Ann married Richard Nutt


3 Margery Downing Married 1st Joseph Hudnall Joseph Hudnalls Will was dated July 9 1709

and probated August 18 1709 2nd Hon. Samuel Blackwell


Margery married Samuel Blackwell as the record book for that furnishes some interesting

history of the second William Downings line:


1712 July 26 Richard Nutt and Anne his wife one of the daughters of and coheirs of William

Downing JR decd, deed to Samuel Blackwell of St Stephens Parish. The above named William

Downing JR by Will Dated Sept 3 1682, did devise unto Chars Downing, youngest son of testator’s

Father William Downing and to Margery Downing the testators youngest daughter, his tract of

land that he lived on, admitting only an estate for life in said land, and Charles Downing

dying before any divisions made his right come legally vested in the survivor and after death

of said Margery, descends to nearest of kin to the Donor, the said testator and whereas the

said testator left three daughters only, Anne, Elizabeth and the said Margery. The said Anne

hath in reversion and estate in fee in the said devised land being 788 acres (more or less)

now in possession of Samuel Blackwell and Margery his wife.


1712 Oct 20 William Smith and Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters and Coheirs of William

Downing JR, deed to Samuel Blackwell of St Stephens Parish 788 acres of land now in the

possession of Samuel Blackwell and his wife.


1725 Oct 18 Samuel Blackwell and Margery his wife one of the daughters of William Downing JR

and Granddaughter of Wm Downing Decd, deed to Wm Jones of Wicomico Parish witnesses that

whereas Wm Downing Decd by will bearing date Feb 1682 did give unto his son Thomas Downing his

tract of land he lived on in Wicomico Parish—thereby admitting only an estate fro life and after

said Thos. Downing death it was determined by Northumberland County Court that the right of the

foresaid land did revert and become legally vested in the coheirs of Wm Downing JR Viz: Anne,

Elizabeth and aforesaid Margery.




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