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Genealogies of Virginia Families, From The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography,

Volume II (1981),  by Robert Barnes, page 165

William Cox of Henrico patented 150 acres there on Nov 29 163 for the transportation
of three person. "about 2 1/2 miles above the Harroe Attock's W by N upon maine river,westerly

upon the great swamp, E unto the woods, S towards Harroe Attock's"
(C P 52) this patent was re-issued Oct 29, 1637 for another 150 acres (C P 74).

Note:  The name of the river Harrahadocks can be found spelled Harrahtocks, Harristocks and

Harrow Attocks which actually was the James River commonly called or known by the name of Harrahadockes

William Cox and wife Elizabeth were headrights of Mathew Edloe, Jr July 12 1637. (C P 59) Matthew's

mother Alice Edloe, widow on June 1 1637 patented 350 acres in Henrico in the vicinity of William Cox.

the patent was " between Harrow Attock's and the falls on the same side of the river that Harrow Attock's

lyeth some 2 1/2 miles from thence to the great swamp" (C P 40-59) She also patented 100 acres next to

William Coxe, July 14 1637 ( C P 61)

William Cox was deceased by before Dec 14 1656 for on that date Peter Lee patented 126 acres in Henrico

known by the name "Waricke" begining at a small run and a place called "London Bridge" which divided it

from land belonging to the Orphans of William Cox, S E upon main river, N E on Isaac Hutchings."

Of the Orphans of William Cox, only one is known and that is John Cox who on March 29 1665 patented 550

acres in Henrico "on N side of the river known as "Harrattocks" next to land of Capt. Edloe, granted to

Arthur Bayly who sold came to Wm. Johnson who assigned it to said John Cox who assigned same to Buton (C P 547)

William Elam in his will dated Feb 18 1688 gave 1 shilling to his "son-in-law" John Cox Sr " and the

rest of his estate to his cousin (nephew) Martin Elam. It seems that William Elam married John Cox's

mother "son-in-law" in those days meant step-son.

Another look at William Cox :

Historical Southern Families, Vol. XI, Cox and Hutchens of Virginia and North Carolina, Page 109

William Cox b 1598 d before 1656 Came to America in the "Goodspeed" , 1610 and is believed to be the

immigrant ancestor of Virginia. Descendants of this family concur in this statement. Mrs Ella Foy o'

Gorman, Washington DC, a descendant of Richard Cox through his son Henry, after years of patient

investigation, agrees. So also does Judge Edwin P Cox of Richmond Co VA a student of the family records,

who descends through George Cox, son of John Cox.

William Cox was granted 100 acres in Elizabeth City Co on Sept 20 1628.  He had a grant of 150 acres in

Henrico Co on the James River Nov 29 1636, two and half miles above Harroe Addocks, with wife Elizabeth.

On Sept 1 1642 he bought 250 acres in partnership with Isaac Hutchins, at the mouth of Falling Creek along

the James River. ON Aug 5 1665 Thomas Cox son and Heir of William Cox sold half of this 250 acres. Harroe

Addocks or Arrohateck, was five or six miles above Dutch Gap. William Cox was the father of John Cox who

was the father of Richard Cox.






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