1890 Federal Census, were destroyed by a fire at the Commerce Department in Washington,

DC on 10 January 1921. The surviving fragments consists of 1,233 pages or pieces,

including enumerations for Alabama, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois,

Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, and Texas. The

records of only 6,160 of the 62,979,766 people enumerated survived the fire.

Fragments of the original 1890 census that survived the fire, special veterans schedules,

several Native American tribe censuses for years surrounding 1890, state censuses (1885

or 1895), city and county directories, alumni directories, and voter registration documents

were used to create the 1890 Census Substitute. Source Information: Ancestry. Com.

NOTE: Due to the lack of the 1890 Census Substitute Index, What is listed on these pages

are no way by any means complete.


1889 MEDLOCK G W             L&N R R Labor           Birmingham AL
1890 MEDLOCK GEORGE          Brick Mason             Boards 2513 3d Avenue Birmingham AL


1893/94 MATLOCK ABRAHAM L   Porter                    1702 Ringo Little Rock AR
1895/96 MATLOCK ABRAHAM     I M Shops                 1702 Ringo Little Rock AR
1897/98 MATLOCK ABRAHAM     Labor                     1702 Ringo Little Rock AR

1895/96 MATLOCK HANDY H     Student                   1715 Cross Little Rock AR

1895/96 MATLOCK JULIA L (Wd)                          1712 Gaines Little Rock AR
1897/98 MATLOCK JULIA L (Wd)                          1712 Gaines Little Rock AR

1895/96 MEDLOCK ROBERT       L R & Ft S R Labor       Poplar, near E Polk Ave, Little Rock
1893/94 MATLOCK ULYSSES      Laborer                  1702 Ringo Little Rock AR

1893/94 MATLOCK WILLIAM F    Grocer                   1712 Gaines Little Rock AR  


1890 MATLOCK ALLEN           CPRR Employee            Red Bluff CA

1890  MATLOCK C              C L. A Farming And Milling Co Flour Packer   Los Angeles CA

1890 MATLOCK CHARLES         Waiter                   26th Sixth San Francisco CA
1890 MATTOCK CHARLES         Cigar Maker              Alvarado San Francisco CA

1888 MATLOCK DAVID J         H. H. Matlock & Son      13 Home Los Angeles CA
1890 MATLOCK DAVID J         H & H Matlock & Son      Oakland San Francisco CA

1890 MATLOCK ED              Farmer                   Bullard’s Bar CA

1888 MATLOCK GEORGE          McGreal & Shaw Driver    Elm and High Red Bluff CA

1889 MATLOCK GEORGE P        Union Iron Works Driller Solano San Francisco CA

1888 MATLOCK HENRY H         H. H. Matlock & Son 13   Home Los Angeles CA
1890 MATLOCK H H             H & H Matlock & Son      Oakland San Francisco CA

1890 MATLOCK JAMES           Attorney & Notary Public Red Bluff CA

1885 MEDLOCK JOHN            Miner                    Magalia CA

1889 MATLOCK LEVI B          Ink Manufacture          407 O’Farrell San Francisco CA 
1890 MATLOCK LEVI B          Ink Manufacture          407 O’Farrell San Francisco CA 
1890 MATLOCK N A Mrs.        Farmer                   Nelson CA
1889 MEDLOCK WALTER P        Blacksmith               28th & Valley San Francisco CA


1891 MATLACK A J             Census Office Clerk      311 3d Southeast      District of Columbia DC

1890 MATLOCK SARAH E (Wd)                             1420 11th Northwest   District of Columbia DC
1891 MATLOCK SARAH E (Wd)                             1420 11th Northwest   District of Columbia DC

1890 MATLOCK SIMEON G         Carpenter               1420 11th Northwest   District of Columbia DC
1891 MATLOCK SIMEON G         Carpenter               1420 11th Northwest   District of Columbia DC


1889 MEDLOCK CHARLES           Liddell & Johnson Driver Boards Country     Atlanta GA

1889 MEDLOCK JOHN G            Steamboat Agent        232 Anderson Savannah GA
1890 MEDLOCK JOHN G            Str. Katl Agent        92 River 232 Anderson Savannah GA

1889 MEDLOCK JULIA             Laundress   Boards     5, 6 Wellons Alley Atlanta GA
1890 MEDLOCK MARY (Wd JE )                            31 Poplar Atlanta GA

1890 MEDLOCK MAX               Sav. Guano Mill Works  Savannah GA


1891 MATLOCK L                 Capital City Commercial College Student   W 4th Des Moines IA

1891 MATTLOCK WILLIAM          Drake University Student                  1309 W 28th Des Moines IA


1892 MATLOCK GEORGE H           Farmer                      Adams Co IL Philadelphia P O

1882-85 MATLOCK H H             Telephone Exchange Manager  2nd Ave Rock Island IL

1892 MATLOCK J M                Farmer                       Adams Co IL Philadelphia PO 

1892  MATLOCK JOHN              Teamster                     117 19th St Rock Island IL

1891/92 MEDLOCK SOLOMON         Teamster Boards              412 N. Adams Peoria IL



1889 MATLOCK CHARLES D           Dill & Matlock              70 E Vermont Indianapolis IN

1889/90 MATLOCK CHARLES E        Carriage Painter            464 E Washington Indianapolis IN
1890 MATLOCK CHARLES             Indianapolis Mailing Clerk      E Washington Indianapolis IN

1889/90 MATLOCK EARL O           Hibben & Co Clerk           54 Ash Indianapolis IN

1889/90 MATLOCK FRANK I          U Ry Switchman              Indianapolis IN

1889 MATLOCK FRANK W             Clerk                       47 W Washington b 173 Ash Indianapolis IN
1889/90 MATLOCK GEORGE W         Broom Maker                 84 Russell Ave Indianapolis IN

1889/90 MATLOCK JAMES B          Carpenter                   157 W 8th Indianapolis IN

1889/90 MATLOCK JAMES M          Murphy, Hibben & Co Clerk   54 Ash Indianapolis IN

1890 MATLOCK JESSIE (Wd Charles D)                           166 N Delaware Indianapolis IN
1889/90 MATLOCK JOHN             W L Insurance Agent         20 Vinton Block Indianapolis IN

1889/90 MATLOCK LEANDER          Traveling Agent             173 Ash Indianapolis IN
1889/90 MATLOCK WILLIAM A        Gasfitter                   460 E Washington Indianapolis IN
1889 MATLOCK WILLIAM R           Labor                       157 W 8th Indianapolis IN

Tippecanoe County

1885/86 MATLOCK JAMES             Elston Tippecanoe Co IN

1885/86 MATLOCK J W               Tippecanoe Co IN
1891 MATLOCK JAMES W              Tippecanoe Co IN

1885/86 MATTOCK SAMUEL            Tippecanoe Co IN
1891 MATTOCK SAMUEL E             Tippecanoe Co IN

1891 MATTOCK THOMAS A             Tippecanoe Co IN

Johnson County

1890 MATLOCK IDA                  Johnson Co IN

Lawrence IN

1890 MEDLOCK JASPER H             Farmer               Fort Ritner Lawrence IN

1890 MEDLOCK LAFAYETTE            Farmer               Fort Ritner Lawrence IN

1890 MEDLOCK WILLIAM              Quarryman            Oolitie Lawrence IN

Shelbyville IN

1892/93 MATLOCK SMITH H Fountaintown Shelbyville IN


1889/90 MATLOCK GEORGE R        Labor 320                     Cornell Avenue Kansas City KS
1890/91 MATLOCK GEORGE R        Labor 508                     Cornell Avenue Kansas City KS

1889/90 MATLOCK JASPER          U. P. Railway Machinist       320 Cornell Ave Kansas City KS
1890/91 MATLOCK JASPER M        Engineer                      508 Cornell Ave Kansas City KS

1889/90 MATLOCK MORRIS  P       U. P. Railway Helper          320 Cornell Ave Kansas City KS

1890/91 MATLOCK NILES P         Labor                         508 Cornell Ave Kansas City KS

1889/90 MATLOCK JOHN                                          2520 N 3d Kansas City KS
1890/91 MATTOCK JOHN            Driver                        6 S 2d Kansas City KS


1890 MATTOCK CHARLES            Machinist                     532 5th Louisville KY

1890 MATLOCK JOHN               W.S Mathew & Sons Carpenter   1306 W Walnut Louisville KY

1890 MATLOCK ROBERT L           A B Burnham  Tinner           1306 W Walnut Louisville KY

1890/91 MEDLOCK ANNA            Cook                         403 Jefferson Paducah KY

1890/91 MATLOCK F M             Clerk                        115 N 3rd Paducah KY

1890/91 MATLOCK JOHN            Engineer                     422 S 3rd Paducah KY


MATLOCK, CHARLES P              Cumberland Co, ME 003, E.D.66, Portland, 1890


1889 MADLOCK AUGUSTA             Domestic       18 Foyle Worcester MA


1890/91 MODLICK PETER            Banner Tobacco CO Dresser    98 Sullivan Avenue Detroit MI


1890/91 MATLAK THOMAS            Labor             444 Main Superior Duluth MN

1890/91 MATTOCK JOSEPHINE        Seamstress        1020 Nicollet AV Minneapolis MN


MATLACK W E                      P.P. Mast &Co Clerk             1715 Kansas Ave MO
MATLACK WILLIAM E                D.B. Morrison &Co               415 Keith & Perry Building

MATLOCK PETER W                  St Louis Ave Beef Co Works       335 Broadway   MO  

MEDLOCK EDWARD                   Works                            308 Garfield MO
1888 MATLOCK EDWARD              Carpenter                        302 Edmond Saint Joseph MO

1890 MATLOCK GEORGE              St Jow Water Works Country       St Josephs MO

1887/90 MATLOCK JAMES            Champion Machine Co Cold Porter  3rd Saint Joseph MO
1887/89 MATLOCK JAMES A          Matlock & Trent Boarding House   3rd Saint Joseph MO

1890 MATLACK ALBERT              H H Dalton Manager               1343 Garrison Ave St Louis MO

1890 MATLACK EDWARD Y            Carpenter                        3407 Cook Ave St Louis MO
1890 MATLOCK EDWARD              Team                             2312 Franklin Avenue St. Louis MO

1890 MATLACK ELLWOOD V           City Lighting Supervisor         3312 Morgan St. Louis MO

1890 MATLOCK FRANK               Clerk                            2736 Washington Avenue St. Louis MO

1890 MATLOCK JAMES M             Wirework                         2120 Gratlot St. Louis MO

1890 MATLACK JOHN                C E C Meacham Arms Co Clerk      4009 Cook Ave St. Louis MO

1890 MATLACK LUCY (Wd Alexander)                                  2310 Franklin avenue St. Louis MO

1890 MATLOCK PAUL                Labor                            1005 Lucas avenue St. Louis MO

1890 MATLACK WILLIS E             Mo Pac Ry Clerk .               714 N. 18th St. Louis


1890 Mississippi Census Index Of Civil War Veterans or their Widows

1890 MATLOCK ANDREW J             Desoto Co MS
1890 MATLOCK HARRIET              Desoto Co MS


1889 MEDLOCK GEORGE               W Empire Steam Laundry Manager        Omaha NE
1890 MEDLOCK GEORGE               Prospect Hill Cemetery Superintendent Omaha NE


1887-91 MATLACK AARON G                  Clerk                 282 Sycamore Camden NJ
1887/91 MATTOCK ALBERT F                 Steward               1716 S 7th Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK ALBERTSON L              Clerk                 827 Broadway Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK ANNA E                   School Teacher        884 Penn Camden NJ

1890/91 MATLACK BOWMAN                   Labor                 1730 S 6th Camden NJ

1887/91 MATLACK CHARLES A                                      1058 Line Driver Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK CHARLES E                Clerk                 827 Broadway Camden NJ
1887-91 MATTOCK CHARLES A                Carpenter             117 Main Camden NJ
1887-89 MATTOCK CHARLES J                Mats & Rugs           Point and Erie Camden NJ
1890/91 MATLACK CHARLES P                Lather                310 N 10th Camden NJ
1887/91 MATTLACK CORDELIA (Wd Aaron G)   Grocer                924 Sycamore Camden NJ

1887/88 MATLACK DEBORAH (Wd Samuel)                            932 S 5th Camden NJ

1887/88 MATLACK EDWIN                    Commission  Merchant  811 3rd Camden NJ
1888-91 MATLACK EDMUND                   Produce               34 Wood Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK ELLIS H                  Forman Taylor Bros.   120 10th Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK ELIZABETH B (Wd Solomon F)                     884 Penn Camden NJ

1887-91 MATLACK FRANK                    Molder                1909 Fillmore Camden NJ
1887/88 MATLACK GEORGE                                         827 Broadway Camden NJ
1887/88 MATLACK GEORGIE                  Shoe Fitter           827 Broadway Camden NJ
1890/91 MATLACK GEORGE W                 Labor                 Federal near 25th Camden NJ
1890/91 MATLACK GEORGIANNA                                     726 Carman Camden NJ

1887/88 MATLACK HANNAH A C (Wd George W )                      122 West Camden NJ
1887-89 MATLACK HARRY                   Brakeman               510 Ferry Avenue Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK HOWARD R                Hardware               578 Washington Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK ISAAC D                 Millwright             629 Royden Camden NJ
1888/89 MATLACK JAMES                   Woolen Mills Weaver    900 N 9th Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK JOHN B                  Laborer                572 Carman Camden NJ
1887-89 MATLACK JOHN H                  Clerk                  559 Berkley Camden NJ
1887/88 MATLACK JOHN W                  Carpenter              410 Berkley Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK JOSEPH E                Carpenter              Westfield Ave Cramer's Hill Camden NJ
1888/91 MATLOCK JOSEPH                  Labor                  334 Joint Alley Camden NJ
1887-89 MATLACK JOS E                   Sash, Doors and Blinds 6 George Cramer's Hill Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK JOSIAH                  Carpenter              931 S 5th Camden NJ
1888/89 MATLACK J Mrs.                                         924 Sycamore Camden NJ

1888/89 MATLACK MARIANN                 Principal Friends' School  Merchantville Camden NJ

1887-91 MATLACK RICHARD                 Produce                578 Washington Camden NJ

1887-91 MATLACK SAMUEL B                Frame Maker            559 Berkley Camden NJ
1890/91 MATLACK SCHUYLER                Stable Boss            Federal near 25th Camden NJ
1887-91 MATLACK SIMEON W                Conductor              405 Bridge avenue Camden NJ
1890/91 MATTOCK SOPHIA E                Weaver                 629 Birch Camden NJ

1890/91 MATLACK THOMAS K                Labor                  310 N 10th Camden NJ

1887/91 MATLACK WILLIAM P               Clerk                  410 Berkley Camden NJ
1888/89 MATLACK WILLIAM G               Molder                 622 Chestnut Camden NJ

1888/89 MATLACK CHARLES                                        3d above Powell Gloucester NJ
1888/89 MATLACK GEORGE                  Gloucester Iron Works Labor            Gloucester NJ
1888/89 MATLACK SAMUEL                  Washn Mnfg Co Mule Spinner             Gloucester NJ

1888/89 MATLACK EDWARD P                Salesman                Potter near Ellis Haddonfield NJ
1888/89 MATLACK SAMUEL K                Blacksmith              Potter corner Ellis Haddonfield NJ

1892 MATLOCK JOHN N                     Superintendent          449 Communipaw Avenue Jersey NJ


1888-90 MATLOCK JOHN B                  Engineer                46 Douglass Brooklyn NY
1888-90 MATLOCK JOHN N                  Superintendent          1 Middagh Brooklyn NY

1888-90 MATLOCK WILLIAM                 Shoemaker.              74 S. 3d Brooklyn NY

1889/90 MATHLOCK MATTHEW                Paver                   597 6th Avenue Brooklyn NY


1890/91 MATLACK A F                     Railway Mail Service Postal Clerk    Cincinnati OH

1890/91 MATLACK CHARLES                 Shoe Maker Works         12 E. 4th   Cincinnati OH

1890/91 MATLOCK EDWARD G                Foreman Machinist        201 W. Court Cincinnati OH

1890/91 MATLOCK FRANK                   N. O. & T. P. R. R. Conductor         Covington Cincinnati OH

1891/92 MATLACK HENRY P                 Matlack & Bellows Harness, Trunks, etc   Columbus OH

1890/91 MATLACK J N                     Railway Mail Service Postal Clerk      Cheviot Cincinnati OH

1889-91 MATLACK ISAIAH J                Flour Mill                             Indiana Avenue Toledo OH

1889-91 MATLACK MORTON                  Wagon Works Helper                     617 Indiana Avenue Toledo OH

1889-91 MATLACK REBECCA (wd John A)                                            2119 Monroe Toledo OH


Oklahoma and Indian Territories 1890
Veterans & Widows of Veterans Census
Schedules: Entire Territory

Pg 49, 186/191 (pg 5, ed #20, Minor Civil Division, OK)
Matlock, William M from Randolph M Serv., Co E 58th ILL Reg.
Enlisted 1 Feb 1863 discharged 1 Mar 1866; 3yrs 1 mo served
P.O. Frisco, 6 TY. Rheumatism - re-enlister veteran

V143-1 OK First Territorial Census, 1890: Includes everyone in a household, but not Indian Territory.
Pg 6 ED 38, Twp 7, R 2W, County 3, PAGE 633

167 William A Medlock Head WM 36  KY living in state 6 months
    Maud C            Wife WF 39  AR      
    Newton            Son  WM 12  TX         
    Stella            Dau  WF 10  TX            
    John C            Son  WM  8  TX          
    Wm. G.            Son  WM  4  TX         

1890 OK Census, but not Indian Territory
pg 3, twp?? Manamaker, Co 5 , PG 894

Joshua Matlock Head  WM 36  MO, in Territory 13 months
Cassie         Dau   WF 10  KS
Johny          Son   WM  9  KS
Joseph         Son   WM  5  KS


1890-91 MATLACK BENJAMIN W     Matlack, Bone & Co Real Estate         Vancouver OR

1891 MATLACK CAREY  N          Leach & Bowen Laborer                  East Portland Portland OR
1891 MATLACK CLAUDE C          Leach & Bowen Laborer                  East Portland Portland OR

1890 MATLOCK GRACE                                                    Boards 506 7th Portland OR

1890 MATLACK JESSE             Teamster                               Boards 14th S E Corner T. Portland OR

1891 MATLACK LOUIS             L O F M Co Upholsterer                 Rooms 149 4th. Portland OR

1890 MATLACK SAMUEL D         Carpenter                               14th S W Corner T. Portland OR


1888-93 MATLOCK MORTON         Blacksmith                     Norristown PA

1889-91 MATLACK WILLIAM        Moulder                        138 W 14th Erie PA

1892 MATTOCK FRANK             Clerk                          12 N Market Square Harrisburg PA

1892 MATLACK HEPHZIBAH                                        721 King Pottstown PA  

1892 MATLAC LOUIS              Miner                          8 Payfair Scranton PA

1892 MATLACK GRANVILLE T       Physician                      155 S Wash'n Wilkes-Barre PA



Name, name of widow if any; veteran’s alias, if any; rank and unit; dates of enlistment & discharge; post office address; disability incured; remarks.EXP: Mo-121-1  County, Microfilm

MATLOCK, CHARLES, Mo-121-1; Sgt L Co 1st US Col Hvy Art; 8-19-64 to 3-31-66; Philadelphia PO; rheumatism, pensioner.  (Monroe County)

MATLOCK, CLARK, Mc-112-10; Pvt C Co 1st _; Mount Verd PO.  (McMinn County)

MATLOCK, DAVID, Ha-111-1; Pvt A Co 43rd TN Cav; 63 to 65 (about 1 yr 6 mos); PO omitted; CONF.  (Hancock County)

MATLOCK, JAMES P., Lo-195-1; Ord Sgt K Co 5th TN Inf; 18 Oct 1862 to 30 Jun 1865; Eaton’s X Roads PO; rheumatism & heart disease.  (Loudon County)

MATLOCK, JOHN, K-171-6(5); Pvt 5th TN; PO omitted. (Knox County)

MATLOCK, JOHN W, Mc-110-2(1); Sgt D Co 5th TN Inf; Mouse Creek PO; discharge lost. (McMinn County)

MATLOCK, LEWIS, Mc-114-5; Pvt F Co 2nd OH Inf; 4-1-64 to no discharge (5 mos); Santfordville PO; in hospital.  (McMinn County)

MATLOCK, REUBEN, Lo-193-1; Pvt A Co 1st Col Art; 1 Feb 1864 to 31 Mar 1866; Unitia PO. (Loudon County)

MATLOCK, SANDY, H-49-7; Daisy PO.  (Hamilton County)

MATLOCK, WILLIAM, K-161-4; Knoxvile PO; shot in side.  (Knox County)

MATTOCK, ALFORD, Lo-187-4; Pvt K Co 1st US Col Hvy Art; Jul 64 to 31 Mar 66; Adolphus PO; rheumatism.  (Loudon County)

MATTOCKS, FARMER N., Cl-48-3; Pvt 6th TN Inf; 3 yrs; Compensation PO; wounded on chin by shell, not at home, can’t get date of enlistment & discharge. (Claiborne County)

MEADLOCK, BURT, Hw-119-4(1), Elizabeth widow of; Pvt C Co TN Inf; Alum Well PO; died Mar 12 63; Newton MS. (Hawkins County)


1889/90 MEDLOCK CHARLES      Texas State Lunatic Asylum               Scavenger Austin TX

1890/91 MATLOCK GEORGE W     Missouri, Kansas & Texas Pump Engineer   Waco TX
1892/93 MATLOCK GEORGE       Laborer Mrs. Helen Cook                  Waco TX

1891-94 MATLOCK JOHN D       San Jacinto Public School Principal      Dallas TX
1893-94 MEDLOCK MARTIN       Laborer   Oak Cliff                      Dallas TX

1890/91 MATLOCK RUTH         (Miss) Business College Student          424 S. 11th Waco TX

1894 MATLOCK TM              Traveling Salesman                       304 Camp San Antonio TX


1890 MATLOCK MARY R (Mrs)                        817 W South Temple Salt Lake UT


1890 MATLACK, A J,                      Elizabeth City, VA, 274, Natl Home for Dis VS,
1890 MATLOCK, SAMUEL D,                 Elizabeth City, VA, 235, Natl Home for Dis VS,


1890 MATTOCK C P            Carpenter                         1516 1/2 Front Seattle WA
1890 MATLOCK SMITH                                                     Seattle WA






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