Richard Campbell Born 20 March 1755 North Carolina. Richard married 1st Susannah,

2nd Rachael Smith Oct 1789 Rockingham Co NC. Richard and died June 13, 1844 in

Hickman Co TN. Rachael died between 1852-1859 Perry Co TN.


1775 Dec Richard enlisted while living in Montgomery Co NC, he served as a

private in Captain Paul Trapier's Company, Colonel William Allston's South

Carolina regiment and was engaged in guarding forts at Georgetown and Cat

Island in South Carolina. Richard was discharged in August 1777. When Richard

returned to his home in Montgomery NC, after a week he volunteered and served

as a private in Colonels Grafford's, Love, and Williams' North Carolina Regiment.

Richard was in an engagement at Downing Creek and another beyond Fayetteville.

Richard served as a first lieutenant in Captain Tylor's North Carolina Company,

and in Captain Douglass' company in Colonel Lytle's North Carolina regiment and

served until the close of the war. 


North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume VII, No. 3, Aug 1981; pg 168,

"Some Marriage Licenses Issued in Green, Richmond, Robeson, and Wake Counties, NC,

1787-1789 Rich'd Campble to Rachel Smith


Lieutenant Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell applied for revolutionary pension in 1833 while living in part

of Hickman Co TN which later became Perry Co. He resided in Montgomery Co NC

when he re-enlisted within a week in Crawford, Love and Williams North Carolina

regiment. Then served as First Lieutenant in Captain Douglass Company in Lytles

North Carolina Regiment until the close of the war. He died June 30 1844 in Hickman

County. His application referred to his first marriage to Susannah, her maiden name

not being given and to his two children by her, Mary and James. Richard Campbell

married Rachel Smith in Oct 1789 in Rockingham NC. The widow Rachel Campbell secured

pension on her application in 1849, at which time she was 80 years of age and living

in Perry Co TN In 1852 Rachael mentioned her age as 80 without explanation of the

discrepancy. Richard and Rachael had the following children Hiram, Smithy (a daughter)

John, Elizabeth, Richard, William Wiley and Tubal. (Some Tennessee Heroes of The

Revolution, Third Pamphlet Pg 64)


1790 CAMPBELL RICHARD Richmond Co NC 1-2-2


1794 Jul 17 Last will and testament of Anne McFadden of Fairfield Co SC

.. to Hannah Long, Anne Graham s5 [5 shillings? -BBR]

Rachel Ayres, Elisha McFadden, one daughter Mary

McFadden, one new Bible & other items (named) Jesse McFadden &

Rebeccah McFadden, remainder of my property, three youngest children to

go to one house...cattle at John Longs...James Blare on Fishing Creek...

Richard Campbell, John Long Junr, Executors...31 May 1794...Anne McFadden

(legal seal), Witnesses: Rachel Campbell (x), John Smith (x), Mary Tudor

(x). Recorded 4 Aug 1794. (Will Book 2, pages 64-65)


1795 Apr 8 Fairfield Co SC Account of sale of Anne McFadden, deceased

Buyers: John Long, Moses Ayers, John Smith, Samuel Oats, Gardner Ford,

Richard Campble, William McDaniel, John Martin, William Martin, Edward

Bryant, Joseph Martin, Thomas Trapp, Thomas Starke, John Daser, Alexander

Irwin, Rhuben Harrison, Dennis Burns, Dennis Burns Sen., Richard Campbell,

Admr. Recorded 8 Apr 1795. (Some South Carolina Records, Vol. 1 - Brent

Holcomb, C.R.S.-Southern Historical Press, 1976. Fairfield County Will Book

2, pages 83-84)


1800 CAMPBELL RICH Fairfield County SC 224 41110-21101-00

Richard  26-44

Rachel   45+

1 Female 16-25 Mary 17

1 Male   16-25 James 15

1 Male   10-15 Hiram 10

1 Female 10-15 Smithy 9

1 Male    0-9  John 7

1 Female  0-9  Elizabeth 5

1 Male    0-9  Richard 3

1 Male    0-9 

1 Female  0-9

1 Male    0-9  William 1


1820 CAMPBELL RICHARD Williamson Co TN Franklin 53 010101-10100


1825 Oct Williamson County, Tennessee

John Smith Deceased, Will, October Term 1825..In the name of God Amen. I John

Smith Senior of the State of Tennessee this west end of said state and County

of Williamson being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory thanks

be to the Almighty God for his blessings and calling to mind the uncertainty of

human life and being desirous to dispose of all sort of worldly substance as it

has pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath the same in the manner

following that is to say. 1st I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth Smith all my

estate consisting of four negroes named first Clarise, Sucky, Sims and Edmond

and lastly all the rest, residue and remainder of my personal estate goods and

chattels of what kind and nature soever I give and bequeath the same to my said

beloved wife Elizabeth Smith during her natural life and after the decease of my

beloved wife Elizabeth Smith that the above named four negroes with all the rest

of my estate I wish and desire to be sold accord and to law and divided among my

children as follows. 1st I give and bequeath the sum of three dollars to my son

in law Richard Campbell in current bills. I give and bequeath to my daughter

Smithe Campbell one Dollar in money. I give and bequeath to my son John Smith one

hundred and fifty Dollars in in money. The rest of the money arising from my

estate to be divided between my other children first Simion Smith, William Smith,

Arthur Smith, Drury Smith, James Hix my son in law, Joseph Kelly my son in law,

Penny Campbell, Thomas Kelly, Lidia Labin. I hear by wish and order that my

beloved wife Elizabeth, my sons John Smith and Simion Smith Extors to this my last

will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof

I have hear unto set my hand and seal the 3rd day of January 1824.John x Smith SEAL

(Record of Wills Inventories, Will Book 4, pp 55-56)


When Richard first made his application for a pension in April 1830 Hickman Co Tenn.

Richard had to show the need for a pension

This was the list of property he gave:

Seven or eight head of cattle........................................$30

About seventy hogs , large and small.................................$12

Three (beds)?........................................................$30

Five head of Sheep...................................................$ 8

One wheel,five old chairs............................................$ 2

And some other articles household furniture not exceeding in value...$ 5


1830 CAMPBELL RICHARD Hickman Co TN 268 00001000001-010100100


1833 July 11 Richard was allowed pension.


1840 CAMPBELL RICHARD Hickman Co TN 39  00000000001-0021000001


1849 Oct 1 Rachel was applied for Revolutionary War Pension from Perry Co TN. She

stated she was about 80 yrs old, she married Richard Campbell Oct 1790 Rockingham

Co NC. and that he died June 13 1844


1850 CAMPBELL RACHEL Perry Co TN 185

Rachel Campbell 83 F    SC

was living next door to son Tubal.




 1 MARY CAMPBELL born Feb 28 1873 SC.


 2 JAMES CAMPBELL born March 19 1785 SC...........Next


 3 HIRAM CAMPBELL born April 11 1790 SC. Hiram married Polly Hilburn Feb 22 1816 Williamson Co TN.


   1820 CAMPBELL HIRAM Hickman Co TN 23  100010-100100

   1830 CAMPBELL HIRAM Hickman Co TN 290 0010001001-0001010001

   1840 CAMPBELL HIRAM Hickman Co TN 40  0000001-0020101

   Hiram  40-50

   Polly  40-50

   Female 20-30

   Female 10-15

   Female 10-15 


 4 SMITHY CAMPBELL born Dec 16 1791................Next


 5 JOHN CAMPBELL born Aug 9 1793 SC. John married Nancy Hilburn Aug 8 1817 Davidson

   Co TN.  


   1850 CAMPBELL JOHN Perry County TN 159

   John Campbell 57 M Farmer SC

   Nancy         61 F        SC

   Sophy Wade    16 F        TN

 6 ELIZABETH CAMPBELL born Aug 27 1795 NC..........Next


 7 RICHARD CAMPBELL born April 30 1797 NC..........Next


 8 WILLIAM CAMPBELL born July 11 1799 NC...........Next


 9 WILEY CAMPBELL born Dec 28 1804 NC.


10 TUBAL CAMPBELL born 1806 NC.....................Next